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Bosag - Gate I Stay 3300mm (11ft)

Bosag - Gate I Stay 3300mm (11ft)

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Size: 11-ft (3300 mm)

Stay Type: I Stay

Height: 1170mm

Weight: 28.6 kg

Material: 25NB pipe, 33.5mm O.D x 2.0mm wall thickness

Graduated Mesh Infill: 200mm x 100mm / 200mm x32mm x 5.0mm

Finish: Pre-Gal Pipe and Mesh

BosAg Rural gates are made stronger with all joins being scalloped & welded, not crimped or flattened.

Welded mesh insert features graduated horizontal wires which increase the density of the strands in the lower part of the gate to suit all sizes of animals.

Wire mesh is embedded, which improves durability and increases strength.
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