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Elanco Viper Pour On 20lt

Elanco Viper Pour On 20lt

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Viper™ contains thiacloprid which has a unique mode of action that provides rapid knockdown control of lice.² Viper continues to kill adult lice and emerging nymphs for 4 weeks after treatment when applied within 24 hours of shearing. Viper can be applied up to 7 days after shearing or to unshorn lambs from two weeks to two months of age. Elanco offer a 6 month off shears lice free guarantee.

Key Product Benefits:

Highly potent, second generation neonicotinoid chemistry 1,2,3
4 weeks’ protection when applied within 24 hours of shearing
Flexible off-shears application – up to 7 days
6 months off shears lice free guarantee
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