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Thunderbird Electric Fence Tester Ef-8 Digital Voltmeter Australian Made

Thunderbird Electric Fence Tester Ef-8 Digital Voltmeter Australian Made

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Thunderbird offers dependable digital fence tester voltmeter for farmers, animal hobbyists, and homeowners. This product, which you can find here at Ambler Direct, operates on a nine-volt battery whose lifespan will surely surprise you. It lasts longer than other testers out there, with up to 18 months of operation.

Thunderbird is a proud Australian company that delivers exceptional products, especially for farmers and agriculturists. The electric fence digital tester and voltmeter comes with an LCD that provides a reading of the voltage.

This tester also has other functions, including auto shut off. You can also power it on when required. The product can read up to 10,000 volts, which is more than what other testers can.

Use this tester to make sure your energiser is working correctly. It is quite easy to use. You just have to disconnect the wires from the energiser first before connecting the voltmeter clips to the terminals of the system.

You can also utilise the kit to test the fence line. What you need to do is to connect the voltmeters’ clip to the dead wire or to the ground itself. Take the steel hang bracket and then place it at the live or hot wire. This bracket is located at the top rear of the voltmeter’s case. Check the display, and you will see the fence voltage.

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