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Virbac Epiotic Sis Ear Cleanser 237ml

Virbac Epiotic Sis Ear Cleanser 237ml

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Epiotic SIS Ear Cleanser For Dogs
The Epiotic SIS Ear Cleanser for Dogs is an essential addition to your dog's health and hygiene routine. Designed to help remove ear wax and reduce odour, this cleanser offers a gentle yet effective solution to keep your dog's ears clean and healthy. It is available in 120mL, 237mL and 500mL sizes, ensuring you have plenty of cleanser for regular use.

Active Constituents:
5 mg/mL Disodium EDTA
2 mg/mL Salicylic Acid
Perfect for ear cleansing, this product is also highly recommended for the management or prevention of Otitis Externa in dogs and puppies.

Key Features:
Gentle pH Neutral Micellar Solution:
The pH balanced, non-irritating formula aids in the removal of cellular debris and wax, while helping to dry out excessive moisture in the ear canal. This ear cleanser emulsifies wax, making it easier to remove and is suitable for dogs of all ages.

Anti-Microbial Action:
The Epiotic SIS Ear Cleanser kills infectious agents associated with Otitis Externa and hinders their growth. It is antimicrobial against bacteria and yeast, common causes of Canine Otitis Externa, and facilitates the delivery of topical medications into the ear.

SIS (Skin Innovation Science) Technology:
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